Updating your experiment

When new features or bug fixes are added to Empirica, you should try to upgrade to the latest version.

Before upgrading, you can head over to the Empirica Release Notes to verify that there are no BREAKING CHANGES between your current and the latest versions.

To check the current version of your experiment, see Check the current version of your experiment.

Check the current version of your experiment

At the root of your experiment, run empirica version:

$ empirica version
Version: v1.0.0-rc.24
SHA:     bc4184e
Build:   169
Branch:  main
Time:    2022-12-28T08:21:58Z

Client:  1.0.0-rc.24
Server:  1.0.0-rc.24

Updating Empirica in your Experiment

You can update the packages in your experiment by running the following command at the root of your experiment:

$ empirica upgrade

Within your current experiment, this will upgrade both the empirica command and the npm packages used in client/ and server/. This will not upgrade the empirica command globally. To upgrade the empirica command globally, see Updating the Empirica command

Change to a specific version in your experiment

If you need to upgrade (or downgrade) to a specific version of Empirica, you can pass the exact version like so:

$ empirica upgrade --version "v1.2.3"

You can also choose to only upgrade the command line or the npm packages individually with either:

$ empirica upgrade --commandOnly
$ empirica upgrade --packagesOnly

Updating the Empirica command

To upgrade the empirica command globally (outside any existing experiment), run the following:

$ empirica upgrade --global

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