Easy Multiplayer Interactive Experiments in the Browser
This documentation is for Empirica v2. If you want to see the documentation for Empirica v1, head over to
Empirica is an open-source JavaScript framework for running multiplayer interactive experiments and games in the browser. Empirica makes it easy to develop and iterate on sophisticated designs in a statistically sound manner. It offers a unique combination of power, flexibility, and speed. Empirica is a powerful framework that facilitates the management of your games and experiments and is useful even for single-player research.
Empirica uses industry-standard open-source technologies (Go, GraphQL, Typescript, Javascript, React) Empirica provides a helpful structure to how your Games, Players, Rounds, and Stages interact. Furthermore, Empirica gives you an Admin Panel that makes organizing and running your Games for data collection easy and intuitive.
Empirica is the one method that provides enough flexibility to build any experiment while still being accessible and helpful to the researcher.

I want to use Empirica. Where do I start?

Visit the Getting Started part of this documentation to get you started.
To learn more about the parts of an Empirica app (e.g., what are Games, Rounds, and Players?) visit the Concepts page.

What skills do I need to use Empirica?

Empirica helps you build online apps for online research. As with many online tools, basic notions of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be helpful. Knowing a bit about React.js can also be beneficial, although you do not need to be an expert. There are many tutorials online for all the technologies mentioned here.

Why should I use Empirica instead of just Node.js and React.js directly?

While Node.js and React.js are powerful tools, and you could build sophisticated experiments with them, Empirica makes building and managing your experiments much easier.
Notably, Empirica provides an Admin Panel that allows you to manage the conditions of your experiments (Treatments and Factors) and which Games are running, collecting data, or waiting for players.
Empirica does the heavy lifting in managing games, player connections, game life cycles, and more.
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