Experiment Set Up

I downloaded an Empirica app from GitHub, how do I make sure it has everything I need to use it?

If you download an app from a GitHub, such as the community demos, it is likely that there will be some missing parts:

How can I make sure all the packages in my app are installed?

When an Empirica app is sent to and downloaded from a remote repository like GitHub, it will not have all the packages installed. Instead, the package.json and package-lock.json files keep track of all the packages the app needs.

You will get error messages if you try to run the app without all the packages it needs installed.

To have it install all the packages it needs, use:

meteor npm install

Can I import and export my treatments, factors, and lobby settings?

In the configuration tab of the Admin Panel of your app there are Import and Export buttons.

The Export button will produce a .yaml file of your treatments and factors.

The Import button will allow you to select a .yaml file to set the treatments and factors.

If you want to share your app with someone, it is important to provide this .yaml so that they can use the same treatments and factors as you.